China’s Baidi space fighter announced successful test flights

Baidi, literally “white emperor”, originally referred to one of the Five Heavenly Emperors in ancient Chinese mythology, the god of the West. Today, Baidi has become the name of China’s aerospace fighter and is also known as the world’s first aerospace fighter.

Baidi is introduced as part of the first step of China’s Nantianmen plan, which is a highly science-fictional weapons program announced by China, with the Luanniao (phoenix bird) air and space mothership as its core, with a maximum takeoff weight of 120,000 tons, carrying the Xuannv and the Baidi warplanes.

And at the ongoing Zhuhai Air Show in China, the description next to the Baidi fighter model clearly states:

In the vacuum and gravity-free environment of outer space, the Baidi space plane has successively completed various flight tests such as flight through the atmosphere, long-distance test flight in outer space, and ion weapon mount test flight…

This announcement shocked many Chinese military fans, and people thus associated it with the sound of huge explosions in October in Anhui and Henan provinces in October. There has been no official explanation for it, and they suspect that it was the Baidi space fighter.

At that time, the official said that there was no explosion, and the civilians did not witness any explosions, so many people thought it was the sonic boom, but this kind of loud noise was bigger than the previous fighter sonic boom, and the coverage was wider, so it caused many doubts. In the previous April, there were also loud noises caused by unknown reasons in many places in Sichuan Province.

As part of China’s Nantianmen project, Baidi aerospace fighter is considered by many to be inspired by extraterrestrials as China came up with the plan after it sent its Chang’e-4 probe to the far side of the moon in 2019.

Meanwhile, China also exhibited new aircraft such as the MD-22 wide-area aircraft, which was suspected to be Rods of God, and the Wuzhen-8 high-altitude and high-speed reconnaissance drone at the Zhuhai Air Show.

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