China’s Stealthy Blackhawk may have been made

The official WeChat account of China Aviation Industry Corporation Harbin Aircraft Company released a video of the Z-20 helicopter night flight test. Next to a Z-20 helicopter being towed, there is a mysterious model that is all mosaicked, which has sparked the attention of Chinese military fans.

From the appearance, this aircraft should be an improved modified version of the Z-20 helicopter, probably the Chinese version of Stealthy Blackhawk or Silent Hawk.

The mysterious model with mosaics on the tarmac

The official WeChat account released an article entitled “Night of Flight Tests” on December 1, revealing images of the Z-20 helicopter’s test flight in the snowy night, as well as a number of high-definition pictures of the Z-20 helicopter’s close-up details. In the video posted at the beginning of the article, a Z-20 helicopter is being towed to the hangar by an aircraft trailer, and on the side of the apron, there is an aircraft that has been completely mosaicked.

It is worth mentioning that all the pictures and videos of the test flight of the Z-20 helicopter are unobstructed and even quite high definition, while this one is the only one that is mosaicked, which is intriguing.

From this high level of secrecy, this aircraft is definitely not a test flight of the same helicopter, but a model that has not been officially disclosed. And from the outline, it could be the Chinese version of Stealthy Blackhawk or Silent Hawk – a stealthy Z-20 helicopter.

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