Chinese Armed Police gets Z-20, train with Z-8G, output astonishing

After being installed in the army and navy, China’s homemade utility helicopter Z-20 has come with good news. According to the official pictures released by the Chinese Armed Police, the Armed Police version of the Z-20 has also made its first public appearance. The Z-20 is in service with the Armed Forces, and there are at least three Z-20s in one of the pictures in the article, so its amazing production is evident.

From the picture, the Z-20 helicopters were flying in formation with the Z-8G and training in formation. The fuselage of the Z-20 is painted with the words “Armed Police” (武警) and the flag of the Armed Police Force, as well as the words “Armed Police” on the belly of the aircraft. The color of the fuselage surface is also different from that of the land-based version, which appears to be an olive green version of the Armed Police. In addition, the front tail of the Z-20 has three additional projections compared to the land version, and it is not clear what the purpose is.

The Z-20, a new generation of 10-ton utility transport helicopters developed by China, has been attracting a lot of attention since its first public appearance at the military parade for the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China in 2019.

With the land version of the Z-20 making frequent appearances on exercise and training grounds, even in the form of helicopter groups, it shows that the helicopter has gradually formed a combat capability. As for the Z-20 as the naval version, in fact, as early as the beginning of this year, the official announcement was made as early as the beginning of this year. In the New Year’s training report released by the official WeChat account of the South China Sea Fleet on January 6, the naval version of the Z-20 appeared. This is also the first time that the PLA officially made public the photos of the helicopter after the network rumor that the naval version of the Z-20 was conducting test flights, and from this it can be inferred that the type of helicopter has been put into service with the troops.

The Z-20 is in bulk service with the Chinese army and navy, and is now also in service with the Chinese armed forces, confirming what Z-20 chief designer Deng Jinghui said in a previous interview. “My biggest wish is its (Z-20) series development, not only for our army, but also for our air force, navy and armed police. We also want this type of helicopter to become an evergreen tree.”

It is believed that the Z-20 and Z-8G are commissioned in the Chinese Armed Police for coordinated operations, which not only ensures the combat capability of the Chinese Armed Police for rapid mobility and flexible assault, but also helps improve its capability for disaster relief and emergency rescue.

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