Chinese ‘bomb truck’ drone Wing-Loong III debuts

At this year’s China Zhuhai airshow, the “Rainbow” series, ” Wing-Loong”, “Eagle” and many other UAV families are showing their newly developed UAVs, among which the Wing-Loong III UAV with missiles and bombs hung on it became one of the most popular UAVs. The Wing-Loong III drone becomes one of the drones that attracted much attention.

According to the exhibition board, Wing-Loong III is 12.2 meters long, and 4.3 meters high, with a wingspan of 24 meters. The Wing-Loong III UAV on display has nine external mounts, which can carry up to 16 missiles or guided bombs when using dual hangers, making it a “bomb truck” with no problem. It is understood that Wing Loong III is a new member of the Wing Loong unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) family, with a powerful “detection and attack” capability.

It is worth mentioning that the Wing Loong III also demonstrates the mounted PL-10E air-to-air missile, which adopts infrared imaging guidance and a high-performance solid engine, with a large off-axis angle launch capability, and its performance reaches the level of the international fourth-generation air-to-air missile. The Wing-Loong III mounted air-to-air missile can be used against some helicopters, fighter jets, and other targets. Although its air combat capability cannot be compared with high-mobility fighter jets, it can also give the UAV certain self-defense abilities and improve its survival ability.

It is believed that the Wing Loong III UAV is benchmarked against the U.S. MQ-9B UAV, thus providing a qualitative improvement in maximum takeoff weight as well as flight performance.

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