Chinese Military Utilizes Computer Games for Realistic Combat Training Targeting Taiwan

Recently, Chinese official military media reported that the Eastern Theater Command, stationed along the frontline facing the Taiwan Strait, is utilizing a computer game-like “immersive battlefield environment simulation system” for practical combat training.

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In the process of military reform and restructuring, units like the one Wu Ziyao belongs to are transitioning from being membrane-based to synthetic. Whether it’s new weapons and equipment or innovative training methods, he’s always the first to try them out.

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Take our immersive battlefield environment simulation system, for example. It can simulate different terrains, scenarios, and opponents, breaking the limitations of time and space for training purposes. For new recruits, it facilitates the transition from basic to tactical skills. For veteran soldiers, it helps identify deficiencies in key subjects, allowing for repeated rehearsals. It provides us with an ultimate platform for tackling challenges.

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