Demolition Ranch, Brandon Herrera, Donut Operator and More


We attended the Demolition Ranch Range Day with Brandon Herrera, Donut Operator and lots of other industry personalities outside of San Antonio, Texas last week. It was a great time to shoot some exotic firearms and hang out with some interesting folks in the community. Range Day culminated in shooting a Hummer and an afterparty at The Thirsty Horse Saloon. 

Some things are different in Texas than back home. Like spurs and cigarettes in vending machines. Pretty cool!

Donut Operator, the most entertaining police incident commenter in the game, according to us. 

Administrative Results getting Napoleonic. First unmasking and now this. Keep an eye on this guy. 

The Undertaker! Just in case someone didn’t make it through range day. 

Alex Zedra. I don’t think that’s the hang loose sign. 

Scott from Kentucky Ballistics after informing me a .700 BMG existed. 

Chuck hanging loose. Unfortunately we did not get to witness an overhand right going hot on the range. 

Colion Noir on the super quiet Maxim Defense 240B and at the after party. 

He says he’s a lawyer but I think he might be Batman. 

Kagan Dunlap also hanging loose. We need to get this dude into some OTTE Gear Aloha kit. 

Armed Scholar, our favorite place for updates on the current state of 2A Legal struggles. 

Nigel Jones!

The aftermath of the Hummer Shoot. 

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