Grab a Beer with Dirty Javi – Volume 10

Our January GAB is with our industry friend Javier Mendez. A well known and respected figure of the 2A community. There is a lot to say about this guy – he is charismatic, funny, has the best grinder profile, big fan of Uncle Mikes holsters, and thinks red dot sights are for sissies who cant use irons.


So, belly up to the bar and get personal with our January friend of the brand, DIRTY JAVI.

· What is your happy place?

  • Sitting in my finished campsite on a chilly night with an LFD Andalusian Bull cigar in one hand a good bourbon or scotch in the other. Having time to reflect on things in life I have and being grateful for it all.

· What do you avoid at all costs?

  • Mexican food, I’m not a big fan of Mexican food. I know it doesn’t make sense.

· What is the trait you most dislike in yourself?

  • I still procrastinate too much. Working on doing less of it.

· What is the trait you most dislike in others?

  • I don’t like it when someone constantly blames others for their problems.

· Which living person do you most admire?

· What is your most extravagant purchase to-date?

  • A multicamera live streaming system in order to live stream an event once. I’ve never used it again after that.

· What was your state of mind as you walked into this bar?

  • I hope they have good bourbon here.

· On what occasion do you lie (we know you NEVER do)?

  • When someone gives me a whisky or cigar that tastes bad. I tell them it was good.

· What one thing would you change about your appearance?

  • Nothing, I had an issue with my teeth a long while ago and had them straightened. All good now.

· Which living person would you put on a dinghy and push out to sea?

  • Kathleen Kennedy. She killed the Star Wars franchise and she is going to do the same to Indiana Jones.

· What is the #1 quality men should possess?

  • The ability to accept responsibility for where they are at in life.

· What is the #1 quality women should possess?

  • Peace, I love peaceful women.

· Which words or phrases do you say waaaay too much?

  • “How’s it going!” Generally say that anyone I meet in passing or when someone says “hi”.

· What can’t you live without?

  • Just the bare necessities, food, water, shelter.

· Which super-hero talent would you most like to have?

  • Super strength, there is just something about being the strongest that overshadows any other ability to me.

· If you could change one thing about yourself before the end of the day, what would it be?

  • My right knee, I’m working on it now but it gets angry with me from time to time.

· What do you consider your greatest achievement?

  • Starting a family in a stable household. I didn’t have a stable home when I was growing up.

· If you were to die and come back as an animal, which would it be?

  • Probably a Grizzly Bear, big and dangerous but you can’t help but love a big ole bear.

· Where would you most like to live in retirement?

  • Somewhere with mountains, lots of public land and great gun laws. The ability to take a couple days and walk out in the middle of nowhere to just make camp and sleep outside is nice. I hate cold weather, but I just want to be in cold weather for some reason. It is probably for the fact that cold weather makes things more difficult, and I enjoy overcoming difficult situations.

· What is the most essential piece of Gear for your passion?

  • A tomahawk, with it I can do and create many things needed for living or survival.

· What do you procrastinate most?

  • Talking about feelings with my wife…

· What would people say is your most prominent visual characteristic?

  • Idk, I use to be told my eyes but I don’t hear that as often anymore.

· What is your dream job (if you aren’t already doing it)?

  • Traveling around with my family, finding places to camp and hike. Whatever Job that exists that would allow me to do that, I’m in!

· What type of vehicle would you invent and what would you call it? If it already exists, name it.

  • The New Ford Bronco badlands edition fills that spot really well.

· If you had to wear Multicam Alpine or Multicam Tropic head-to-toe the rest of your life, which would it be?

  • Tropic all the way, Alpine is fantastic but Tropic is just more at home for me.

· What is your favorite form of physical exercise?

  • Olympic lifting, I do enjoy riding bikes a lot but lifting is my go to. Squats are still my favorite but I can’t do them as much as I would like due to some knee problems.

· If you were left alone in the Rockies for a week, what 2 items would you pack for defense?

  • RMJ’s 2015 little bird Tomahawk and my suppressed 10.5 inch Noveske 300blk with a 1-8 nightforce atacr.

· What is your motto?

· Everyday carry of choice?

  • Glock 48 with a veil solutions IWB holster, a shield 15rd mag and Federal 147gr HSTs (Kisses fingertips).

· What’s filling your OTTE Gear Packing Cube?

  • Depends on where I’m going, if I’m traveling for work, it’s filled with socks and set of Helm boots. If I’m traveling to the range it’s an insulated hoody and hard shell. If I’m headed out camping it will have some extra sleep system gear.

· If money not an option, gun of choice?

  • KAC sr15 CQB (Thanks Garand Thumb)

· Favorite OTTE piece and why?

  • LV POW insulated hoody, I wear that jacket more often than I thought I would.

· Patrol guy or Alpine guy?

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