Grab a Beer with Zach Stone – Volume 3

Zach Stone Total Tactical Grab a Beer with Zach Stone Volume 3
Zach Stone

Zach Stone: This month we are launching our new series, Grab a Beer with OTTE Gear, where we…well…grab a beer with some of our favorite characters who inhabit the OTTE world we live in and have them answer a series of questions meant to probe and expose their innermost thoughts and feelings. Or at least give us a good laugh.

We start with our very own Zach Stone, heralded manager of our social media & marketing. Zach is a Kiwi who grew up in Australia. During a trip to Italy back in the free and easy days, he met the love of his life, follow her back to the USA, got hitche and sometime later made 2 beautiful babies (not at the same time). Zach is passionate about what he does in our industry. He is an avid outdoorsman, adventurer, shooter, and all-around ridgy-didge guy. So let’s not drink with the flies, crack open a cold one and get to know a little more about him.

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