New Tech at SHOT Show 2019

The 41st SHOT Show is occurring this week in Las Vegas, NV. This is our 13th year to exhibit at the show and we have new products and technology on display. Make sure to stop by booth #7311 in the Marco Polo ballroom to see all of the new gear.

New CORE K9 Camera:

The CORE K-9 Camera is ideal for military working dogs, Police K9, and Urban Search and Rescue K9 teams. The system is equipped with a robust list of features to include:

  • HD Color Video
  • Thermal Fusion Technology
  • Two-way communication
  • High output IR Illuminator
  • AES Encryption
  • Lightweight and rugged design

The CORE K9 Camera transmits real-time HD and thermal video back to the handler. The system combines a light sensitive HD camera with a high output IR illuminator to provide enhanced vision in extreme low light environments. In addition to the HD camera, the CORE K9 also includes a thermal camera with Thermal Fusion Technology. Thermal Fusion allows operators to see details and outlines of persons and objects overlaid onto thermal colors. Thermal Fusion is the perfect blend of thermal signatures with HD details. Two-way audio on the CORE K9 Camera provides a “Push-to-Talk” feature, allowing handlers to easily listen to and communicate with a K9 or suspect.

New Tech from our Engineering team:

Be one of the first to see the new technology our engineers are currently developing!


CORE Link, currently in beta, is our new streaming service that allows video from CORE Cameras to be streamed to any internet connected device. Operations Command will now be able to view live video from operators in the field.


VectorFire is an intelligent weapon system that records and relays weapon discharge information to dispatch, eliminating your need to call for back-up. Once your weapon is unholstered, your location and status are immediately sent to command and control. Recorded data allows for the virtual recreation and digital account of the weapons movement history; providing an objective, reliable witness in the forensics process.
Stop by the booth for a live demonstration!

Look forward to seeing you at SHOT Show! If you can’t make it to the show please follow our updates on Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram.

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