Ohio Range Day 2023

Ohio Range Day September 8-10, 2023

Well, that was a literal blast.

Just home from an awesome 3 days at Ohio Range Day put on by our good friend Rick Crawley from Achilles Hell Tactical. While OTTE Gear has attended in the past it was the first time for this crew – Mary Morgan, Chris Van Loan and myself.  It was clear within minutes of Day 1 that ORD is a special event, imbued with a strong sense of community and integrity. Good vibes flowed throughout the three day event from start to finish making it hard to leave!  

One of the first students I spoke with was a Swiss police officer who told me that there are no opportunities for high-level tactical training in Europe that include the use of cutting-edge guns, optics, suppressors and ammo which I never realized.

Over the course of the three days, a ton of participants in Law Enforcement as well as prepared citizens came by to learn about our gear and just shoot the shit. We were limited to what we could shove into our Toyota minivan, but the selection of shade shirts, helmet bags, LVZ/OVT plate carriers proved very popular which lightened our load out tremendously!  

Guys got to check out our best-selling LV insulated Jacket and Patrol Parka and get outfitted in time for the cool season.

Ryan Patete

We met the other exhibitors like Radiant Weapons, Leupold Optics, Modern Materiel and Holosun.  We saw some of the new products from Wilder Tactical, Blue Force Gear, NeoMag and Hard Headed Veterans.  Howitzer showed us some great new tee shirt and hoody designs and told us some great stories about how the brand gives back.  HOP munitions, a local Ohio company traded some products with us.  Griffin Armament, our booth neighbor provided their high-quality suppressors and kept the range quietER.

The neighbor you could not ignore was Summit Armory (“specializing in all things weird and sexy”).  They rented out machine guns and, against the spectacular backdrop of the rock wall, let people blast 100+ guns: a M2 Browning 50 Cal “Ma Deuce” as well as the M240, M60, M249 and a few WW2 German MG-42 variants.  It was definitely a sexy collection. 

The highlight of the weekend was the Day 2 sunset “Mag Dump” where over 150 participants lined up and shot at a car until it exploded.  I’m guessing at least 30,000 shots were fired within 2 minutes. Between the tracer rounds streaking across the range and the roar of 150+ guns firing in sync it was a full-on Michael Bay event.

Chris Van Loan, our Creative Marketing Manager, walked the event, giving away our cargo lite Universal Pants and capturing great shots of participants, friends and other brands.   

The days went by quickly with all the great conversations.  We made a lot of new friends and will defiantly be back again next year! – all the best, Todd

With Thanks and appreciation, we are extending the ORD discounts on the Shade Shirts and Helmet Bags through the month of September with CODE: ORD23
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