Tragic shooting incident in Boulder: Woman fatally shot by police identified

United States: The woman shot and killed by Boulder Police officers on Sunday after allegedly pointing a replica gun at another person and escaping officers has been named by the Boulder County Coroner.

According to a press release by the Boulder Police Department, 51-year-old Jeanette Alatorre was shot on Sunday in a residential neighborhood near the Northern Boulder Recreation Center around 4 pm. Officers initially responded to a report that a woman was pointing a gun at people attempting to drive out of the parking lot.  

Swift Police Response

Boulder Police Deputy Chief Ron Gosage said at a press briefing on Monday that officers were on the scene in two minutes. Alatorre allegedly ignored the police’s verbal commands and began walking north on Broadway.

Boulder Police Department

According to Gossage, officers followed her and employed “less lethal” tactics to convince her to comply for several minutes. The strategies used were not disclosed.

Replica Gun Uncovered

Both the officers and Boulder Fire Rescue attempted to save lives. She died because of her injuries. Officers then discovered that the gun she seemed to be holding was a replica Beretta handgun, which, according to District Attorney Michael Dougherty, does not work like a genuine gun but looks similar.

The Denver District Attorney’s Office previously arrested and charged Alatorre with aggravated robbery with a “real/simulated weapon,” robbery against an at-risk person. Motor vehicle theft following an incident on April 4, 2022.

The Jeanette Alatorre arrested in the case was born on a different date from the one-shot by Boulder police, but Alatorre had a history of using aliases. According to court filings, she has been given 17 different names.

In the 2022 case, she approached a parked vehicle in Denver and demanded the keys, claiming she had a gun. According to court records, the driver was able to photograph Alatorre before she fled in the stolen automobile.

Officers later tracked down the car moving around West Mississippi Avenue and South Lipan Street. They stopped the car and discovered Alatorre driving. She was brought to the Denver Police Department’s headquarters.

According to the arrest document, Alatorre informed investigators that she took the truck because “six to eight” people were attempting to kill her because she disclosed their existence to the homeless population. Alatorre admitted to robbing the victim with a toy firearm. She claimed that she kept the toy gun in her car for protection.

Alias use and past incident

According to court documents, she pleaded guilty on March 20, 2023, and earned 30 days in jail and three years of probation.

Ongoing investigation

This is a multi-agency team that reviews officers’ use of force. The police officer’s involver’s names were not revealed, and they are still on paid administrative leave.