Who are eligible candidates for GOP Fourth Republican Debate?


United States: The United States is all set to witness the Fourth Republican Debate, for which the Republicans are preparing, with the field decreasing as the first primary race approaches.

After heated conversations in Wisconsin, California and Florida, the candidates will return to the stage for a two-hour event in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, at 8 pm ET on Wednesday. And the admission restrictions are even higher, reducing the field to four, while candidates who have been unable to make inroads among the electorate have begun to withdraw from the campaign.

According to Republican nationwide Committee guidelines, according to US News, a candidate must have at least 6% support in two nationwide surveys or 6% in one national poll and one poll from an early state poll in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, or South Carolina to qualify for the fourth debate. Candidates must also obtain contributions from 80,000 donors, including 200 contributors from at least 20 states.

In addition to polling and financial criteria, candidates must have undertaken a loyalty pledge in order to participate in the debate, which all candidates who appeared in previous debates did. GOP presidential contenders must sign a commitment, which has been rather heated among the candidates, stating that they would support the ultimate Republican nominee.

While the other contenders aim to gain ground in the polls, former President Donald Trump, who has opted out of every debate thus far, is also slated to avoid the impending clash.

Here are the candidates’ stands:

Donald Trump – Former President of the United States

Chris Christie – Former New Jersey governor

Nikki Haley – Former ambassador to the United Nations, former South Carolina governor

Ron DeSantis – Florida governor

Vivek Ramaswamy – Entrepreneur