J-10C Jets Share the Stage with Eurofighter in Historic Joint Aerial Exercise

The J-10CE and the Eurofighter Typhoon—two renowned fourth-generation fighter jets featuring canard delta wing configurations from the East and West—have been rarely photographed together in Qatar.

According to a report from Pakistan’s “The Nation” on January 10, the Pakistan Air Force’s J-10C jets have arrived in Qatar, set to participate in the “Ghazal-II” joint aerial exercise to be held in the country. The Qatar Air Force also showcased a rare photograph featuring the Pakistan Air Force’s J-10CE and the Eurofighter Typhoon side by side.

In a statement, the Pakistan Air Force expressed that the exercise is a highly complex joint aerial exercise encompassing multiple scenarios, aimed at enhancing interoperability between the two allied nations while providing opportunities for shared learning. The exercise will simulate realistic aerial combat scenarios, allowing participating air forces to test their operational readiness.

This marks the first time that Pakistan’s J-10C jets have ventured to a third country outside of China for an air force exercise. The Pakistan Air Force emphasized that the participation of the J-10C in overseas aerial exercises is a significant milestone in the progression of Pakistan towards a modern and powerful air force. The rapid acquisition and deployment of these advanced fighter jets demonstrate the capability of the Pakistan Air Force to maintain a cutting-edge force, prepared to address evolving challenges and defend Pakistan’s airspace in the best possible manner.

This is the inaugural occasion where J-10CE jets are photographed alongside Eurofighter jets, but prior to this, Pakistan’s J-10CE jets have engaged in confrontations with various Western fighter jets from different countries.

In October of the previous year, the 14-nation multinational air force exercise “Indus Shield-2023,” led by the Pakistan Air Force, commenced at one of its operational bases. Participating nations in the exercise included Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, Egypt, Oman, Bahrain, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Morocco, Uzbekistan, China, and Hungary.

During the exercise, the Saudi Air Force deployed F-15SA fighter jets, while Turkey showcased F-16C/D fighter jets, along with C-130J transport planes and KC-135R refueling aircraft. As the host nation, Pakistan deployed F-16C/D Block50/52 fighter jets, JF-17 “Thunder” jets, and J-10CE jets. The Pakistan Air Force also presented a rare photograph featuring the J-10CE alongside F-16, F-15, and Eurofighter jets. Depending on the exercise scenarios, J-10CE jets engaged in simulated combat exercises with F-15 and F-16 jets.

The J-10CE fighter jet is a third-generation+ multi-role aircraft developed independently by China’s aviation industry, featuring all-weather, single-engine, single-seat capabilities. The aircraft boasts robust capabilities, including advanced beyond visual range multi-target attacks in strong electromagnetic countermeasure environments and precise multi-mode ground strikes. It also excels in mid-low altitude dogfights, supersonic flight, short take-offs and landings, extensive operational radius, long-range capabilities, and air-to-air refueling. Equipped with advanced integrated avionics and weapon systems, the aircraft has strong external weapon-carrying capabilities.

In March 2022, the Pakistan Air Force received the initial batch of 6 J-10CE fighter jets, receiving high praise from the Pakistan Air Force.

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